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  • Virtual teams of chronic pain specialists in pain medicine, physical therapy, psychology, and coaching

  • Chronic pain specialists are expensive and difficult to find. Finding teams of them is even harder

  • All of our providers can work together for optimal care – saving you time, money, and effort

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of Americans live with chronic pain
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have associated anxiety or other behavioral health disorders
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chronic pain patients lack effective non-opioid treatments

Streamlining Chronic Pain Care

The typical pain care process, a very chaotic process that is not straightforward and requires many specialists, a physical therapist, acupuncture, a chiropractor, and ultimately pain still holds on.
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Unnecessary costs
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3-5x longer to effective pain management
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No lasting relief
Chronic pain care is traditionally a confusing, inconsistent maze of fragmented, unsuccessful treatment options.
How override works: assessment with pain specialists, team based, coordinated care, and finally diagnosis and individualized care
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Less money
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Streamlined, specialized process
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Better results
Pain-trained physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, and coaches work collaboratively to create and implement your personalized pain plan.


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This really is like stepping out of the dark.

I can see all around me people who need this brilliantly-constructed program. My wish is for everyone to be as fortunate."


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The program changed my whole life and I’m so grateful!

Pain ruled my life . . . I was in pain and depressed. I was afraid to leave the house in case of injury. But after the program it got better . . . I lived without pain and left that recliner. I play volleyball with friends every week. I’m healthier and happier than I have ever been!"

Mary Ellen

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Override provides the support patients need to overcome chronic pain physically, mentally, and socially.

The use of a personalized, dynamic approach is exciting and sorely needed for pain management."

Elisha Peterson, M.D.

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This program is a critical part of the treatment plan of so many chronic pain patients.

One patient who desperately wanted a second surgery was reluctant to go through coaching, but after 3 months [in your program], her pain improved 50-75%, she was sleeping and functioning better, and she now comes to appointments smiling and saying this program gave her back her life. She no longer wants surgery."

Jeffrey Hazlewood, M.D.

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Being part of a person's transformation . . .

. . . is quite possibly the most exciting and satisfying thing I've ever had the privilege of being a part of."

Becka Buchanan

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