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Being part of an early-stage company means working with a smaller team, having ownership over your work, being a part of shaping our vision, and experiencing the excitement of a fast-paced, growing company. 

Reach out directly at if you are interested in joining our team.


Override was started by mission-driven founders who wanted to change the frustrating and fragmented status quo for people with chronic pain. Joining Override means having a purpose and working towards moving the needle in healthcare every day.


Learn about our founders and current team members. Our investors are best-in-breed – behind companies like Livongo, Cedar, Uber, Ro, and Grammarly. Getting in early with a small team allows for personal relationships with all levels of the company.


We offer our team members the best of both worlds: the ability to be leaders and have ownership in an exciting startup environment without sacrificing salary. 


Override doesn’t require any team members to relocate or commute to an office. Work from where you’re comfortable.

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A provider with chronic pain expertise (or are open to training to become one)

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Curious about joining Override’s interdisciplinary virtual care teams 

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Can spare 5 hours each week

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