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Jennie Shulkin headshot

Jennie Shulkin, JD

  • Harvard Law School graduate
  • Former law clerk to a federal judge, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, and big law criminal defense attorney
  • Guest writer for major publications (Newsweek, Huffington Post, etc.)
  • Former nationally-ranked tennis and squash player
  • Motivated to help others like herself with chronic pain
David Shulkin Headshot

David Shulkin, MD

Executive Chairman
  • 9th Secretary, US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Former President & CEO, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Former CEO, Morristown Memorial Hospital
  • Serial entrepreneur & industry thought leader
  • Passion for tackling the hardest problems in healthcare

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Our Story


Zach Walters, MBA

Head of Product

Lykaio Wang

Head of Engineering

Christina Le-Short MD, MBA

Medical Director & Head of Clinical Strategy

Becky Curtis

Director of Pain Coaching & Founder of Take Courage Coaching

Valeria Martinez-Kaigi, Ph.D., M.S.

Chief of Health Psychology

Jacob Centra, PT, DPT, CSCS, PN1-NC

Director of Physical Therapy

Vasilis Menekos

Senior Software Engineer


Clinical Advisor

Heather Martarella, PsyD

Clinical Advisor

Elisha Peterson, MD, FAAP, FASA

Clinical Advisor

Chad Shafer, DPT

Clinical Advisor

Trishul Kapoor, MD

Clinical Advisor

Adam Woeller, CPA

Head of Finance & HR

Devin Carty

Board Member & Investor

Lee Shapiro, JD

Board Member & Investor

Reena Pande, MD

Board Member & Clinical Adviser

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