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Jennie Shulkin, JD

Co-Founder & CEO

CEO and Co-Founder Jennie Shulkin was a nationally ranked tennis and squash player and a student at the University of Pennsylvania when she suffered two head injuries within a year-and-a-half of each other. Soon after, she developed a complex chronic pain syndrome affecting multiple parts of her body.  As best she could, Jennie continued living her life – pushing through Harvard Law School and building a career in law.

David Shulkin, MD

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman David Shulkin is a physician executive who has spent his career running major health systems, including Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey.  In 2015, President Obama asked him to serve as the US Department of Veterans Affairs' Undersecretary for Health, and in 2017, President Trump appointed him as Secretary of the VA. He is also Jennie's father.

For us, pain is personal

Joining Forces

Take Courage Coaching has joined the Override family

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Take Courage Coaching

The Company was founded in 2008 as a pioneer in its industry – leveraging pain science principles and neuroplasticity to help people in chronic pain make real functional and behavioral changes to better manage chronic pain. Today, it is the country’s leading chronic pain management coaching service. It has helped hundreds of people get back to work, return to what they love, and put pain in the trunk of the car instead of letting it drive.

Take Courage Coaching’s evidence-based protocol and experienced coaches are now integrated into Override’s interdisciplinary solution.

About our Coaches

Our coaches are nationally certified Health & Wellness coaches. We take it a step further and provide them with advanced training and certification in chronic pain management. All of our coaches have experienced chronic pain either personally or through someone close to them. Many have gone through our program as patients and then became coaches themselves to help others similarly regain their lives.

This Isn't David & Jennie's
First Time Working Together . . . 

It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Serve Your Country is written about David's experience running the VA during both the Obama and Trump administrations. It's a story about leadership, healthcare, and the VA – as well as a personal memoir about David's own service. Jennie served as David’s ghost writer and editor.

Picture of David Shulkin's book titled "It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Serve Your Country"

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