Comprehensive Pain Program for Fibromyalgia

Your Own Virtual Chronic Pain Team

One collaborative care team for effective fibromyalgia treatment. Research shows that when providers work as a team, patients do better.

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What if there was a better way than the injections, medications, and other treatments you've already tried?

Override offers one collaborative, virtual care team for all your chronic pain needs

Our care teams works collaboratively for comprehensive, whole-person care.
Research shows that when providers work as a team, patients do better.

Brain-retraining approach

Override leverages pain neuroscience research and the brain's ability to adapt and change to treat fibromyalgia

Regain control of your life

Learn how you can harness ground-breaking neuroscience to reduce pain, combat fatigue, and finally get back to the life that you deserve

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What Our Patients are Saying

This really is like stepping out of the dark.

I can see all around me people who need this brilliantly-constructed program. My wish is for everyone to be as fortunate."



The program changed my whole life and I’m so grateful!

Pain ruled my life . . . I was in pain and depressed. I was afraid to leave the house in case of injury. But after the program it got better . . . I lived without pain and left that recliner. I play volleyball with friends every week. I’m healthier and happier than I have ever been!"

Mary Ellen

We are seeing incredible results in arguably the hardest subgroups of patients...

...and when we apply this model of care to less complex cases, the results will be incredible."

Chad Shafer, DPT

This program is a critical part of the treatment plan of so many chronic pain patients.

One patient who desperately wanted a second surgery was reluctant to go through coaching, but after 3 months [in your program], her pain improved 50-75%, she was sleeping and functioning better, and she now comes to appointments smiling and saying this program gave her back her life. She no longer wants surgery."

Jeffrey Hazlewood, M.D.

Override provides the support patients need to overcome chronic pain physically, mentally, and socially.

The use of a personalized, dynamic approach is exciting and sorely needed for pain management."

Elisha Peterson, M.D.

How It Works

Step 1

Assessment & personalized care plan

You will have a 1:1 assessment with a board-certified pain physician who will get to know you, your medical history, and your current challenges with fibromyalgia.

Your physician will hand-pick the rest of your care team based on your needs. Your team of specialists then works together to create a plan and goals specific to your fibromyalgia treatment plan.

Step 2

Ongoing coaching & specialist care

Continue treatment with your Override care team members.

Learn about pain science principles and work towards your goals in 1:1 sessions with your Override coach and group coaching sessions with others with fibromyalgia and similar cases of chronic pain.

Step 3

Using our platform to complement your care

Schedule, meet, and message with your Override providers via desktop or mobile app to get fast access to fibromyalgia medical care.

Track your progress to keep your entire care team informed and better direct your care plan.

One collaborative, virtual care team
for all your chronic pain needs

Override offers a virtual version of these rare pain rehab centers – providing you a collaborative, multi-specialty care team from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

One collaborative, virtual care team
for all your chronic pain needs

Intensive treatment

Break the pain cycle through
consistent expert treatment, movement regimens,
coaching, and pain education

Team-based care

Unlike traditional, fragmented care,
providers of various specialties
work together on your
individualized treatment plan


Interdisciplinary care outperforms
traditional treatment with respect to
pain, function, and return to work rates,
as well as cost of care afterwards

A complete chronic pain team for whole-person care

Pain Physician
Physical Therapist
Certified Pain Coach

Our care teams works collaboratively for comprehensive, whole-person care.

Research shows that when providers work as a team, patients do better.

Pain Physician
Certified Pain Coach

4 Simple Steps

Meeting with four people, three people are sitting at the table and one person is at the head of the table and is standing


Meet your virtual care team

Each of our patients works with a collaborative, virtual care team that addresses bio-medical, behavioral, and social factors (“biopsychosocial”) to provide relief: 

Person with a black shirt on, they are looking past the camera and smiling

For every pain physician, there are over 27,000 Americans with chronic pain, requiring most Americans to wait several months to see one. We give you immediate access.

Close up headshot of a person wearing glasses and a black shirt

Our physical therapists are trained specifically in chronic pain and pain education, not just acute pain. Research shows virtual physical therapy is just as effective as in-person.

Headshot of a person wearing a salmon colored shirt and necklaces

We incorporate pain psychology not because we think the pain is psychological, but because pain psychologists help break patterns that reinforce pain neural pathways

Close up headshot of a person

Our experienced chronic pain management coaches lead individual and group coaching sessions. Many of them were once coached by our coaching program for their own chronic pain.


A personalized pain plan

Each member of your care team will assess you independently prior to working together as a team to create a collaborative, individualized care plan for you.  

Icon of a calendar with a medical symbol pointing to one of the dates on the calendar
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Icon of a person with one leg bent in front of them and one leg straight back behind them. Their hands are reaching upward and in front of them
Icon of a vertical bar graph with each bar progressively getting taller and the last and tallest one has a flag on the top

Your provider care team continually adapts your care plan based on your experience and progress. 

Close up view of a notebook with today written on the paper. After this there are four steps, the steps currently have nothing written after them
Two people sitting at a table looking at a laptop


Coaching & continued provider visits

Your certified pain coach is the quarterback of your care team. Each month, you have one-on-one and group sessions with your coach. 

When needed, you also meet regularly with your physician, physical therapist, and psychologist.

Between sessions, stay connected via messaging on our technology platform to continue making progress. 


Track your progress digitally

We use our technology platform to complement your provider experience.

Icon with three faces, one sad, one neutral, and one happy. There is a slider underneath them that has a selector that indicates rating how the patient is feeling

We record data on a range of outcomes – pain, physical function, mental health, sleep, and more –  to track your progress. Both you and your care team get insights into what’s working and what’s not to help adapt your individualized treatment plan going forward. We integrate with devices and fitness trackers like Apple Health, Google Fit, Withings, and Fitbit.

Icon with a person sitting at a laptop, there is a book over their head to the right

Our clinically-developed pain education curriculum covers the science behind chronic pain so you can better understand and manage your symptoms.

Icon of a laptop with a phone coming out of it

View your personalized pain plan. Schedule and view upcoming appointments. Chat directly with your care providers. All within one easy-to-use online and mobile tool.

Person sitting in bed looking at their phone
But in-person pain rehab centers are limited


Fewer than 50 nationwide –
often requiring relocation
to another state


Can be $3,000+ per week
for up to 16 weeks


Daily, all-day treatment
for weeks to months
means putting life on pause

How it works

Step 1

Assessment & Personalized Care Plan

Meet 1:1 with the new members of your Override care team who work alongside your current physician.

Your care team collaborates to create a plan and goals specific to you.

Why this program?

The best treatment for fibromyalgia is found at interdisciplinary pain rehab centers.
But in-person programs are . . .


Fewer than 50 nationwide –
often requiring relocation
to another state


Can be $3,000+ per week
for up to 16 weeks


Daily, all-day treatment
for weeks to months
means putting life on pause

Override offers the same core components as in-person fibromyalgia treatment centers at a better value, on your schedule, and from the comfort of home.

With Override:

Quicker access to fibromyalgia specialists

Pain neuroscience education

Medication management (opioid-free)

HSA / FSA eligible

More Effective than Traditional Treatment

Override Logo

Traditional Care

Care team that works together

Specially trained providers with fibromyalgia experience

Care that fits into your schedule

Intuitive, easy-to-use virtual platform

Simple communication with your provider team

Pain education & a brain retraining approach

Peer support via weekly group coaching sessions

Care navigation to ensure positive patient experience

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