One collaborative, virtual care team for all your chronic pain needs

For more complex chronic pain, the nation’s very few interdisciplinary pain rehab centers offer the best chance at regaining normalcy and a higher quality of life through intensive, team-based treatment over weeks to months.
But in-person pain rehab centers are limited


Fewer than 50 nationwide –
often requiring relocation
to another state


Can be $3,000+ per week
for up to 16 weeks


Daily, all-day treatment
for weeks to months
means putting life on pause

Our Virtual Pain Clinic

Override offers a virtual version of these rare pain rehab centers – providing you a collaborative, multi-specialty care team from the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

Intensive treatment

Break the pain cycle through
consistent expert treatment, movement regimens,
coaching, and pain education

Team-based care

Unlike traditional, fragmented care,
providers of various specialties
work together on your
individualized treatment plan


Interdisciplinary care outperforms
traditional treatment with respect to
pain, function, and return to work rates,
as well as cost of care afterwards

Your own chronic pain team

An Override pain physician, physical therapist, psychologist, and certified pain coach work collaboratively for comprehensive, team-based care.

Research shows that when providers work as a team, patients do better.

Neuroplasticity and “retraining the brain”

Like riding a bike, chronic pain becomes difficult to forget once our brains "learn pain" over time. When pain becomes ingrained in our neural pathways, we have to retrain the brain to "unlearn" that same pain.

Override's program helps you learn how.

How it works

Step 1

Assessment & Personalized Care Plan

Meet 1:1 with the new members of your Override care team who work alongside your current physician.

Your care team collaborates to create a plan and goals specific to you.

Step 2

Ongoing Coaching & Specialist Care

Learn about pain science principles and work towards your goals in 1:1 sessions with your Override coach and group coaching sessions with others with chronic pain.

Continue regular treatment with your referring physician, Override physical therapist, and Override psychologist as well.

Step 3

Connect Through Our Platform

Schedule, meet, and message with your Override providers via desktop or mobile app to complement your provider experience.

Track your progress to keep your entire care team informed and better direct your care.

Get started with our chronic pain specialists

More affordable &
FSA/HSA eligible
No monthly
No waitlist
Medication management
(opioid free)

The best part?

Work with 2+ providers for...
One unified
treatment plan
15% off each
Or talk to us about a discounted monthly bundle.

Not sure what you need?

Take Back Control

  • Virtual teams of chronic pain specialists in pain medicine, physical therapy, psychology, and coaching

  • Chronic pain specialists are expensive and difficult to find. Finding teams of them is even harder

  • All of our providers can work together for optimal care – saving you time, money, and effort

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have associated anxiety or other behavioral health disorders
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chronic pain patients lack effective non-opioid treatments

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