Override streamlines the chronic pain care journey

. . . by breaking down the walls of the traditional, fragmented patient experience. No more bouncing between referrals who say they can’t help. No more “you’re out of options.”

4 Simple Steps

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Meet your virtual care team

Each of our patients works with a collaborative, virtual care team that addresses bio-medical, behavioral, and social factors (“biopsychosocial”) to provide relief: 

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For every pain physician, there are over 27,000 Americans with chronic pain, requiring most Americans to wait several months to see one. We give you immediate access.

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Our physical therapists are trained specifically in chronic pain and pain education, not just acute pain. Research shows virtual physical therapy is just as effective as in-person.

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We incorporate pain psychology not because we think the pain is psychological, but because pain psychologists help break patterns that reinforce pain neural pathways

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Our experienced chronic pain management coaches lead individual and group coaching sessions. Many of them were once coached by our coaching program for their own chronic pain.


A personalized pain plan

Each member of your care team will assess you independently prior to working together as a team to create a collaborative, individualized care plan for you.  

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Your provider care team continually adapts your care plan based on your experience and progress. 

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Coaching & continued provider visits

Your certified pain coach is the quarterback of your care team. Each month, you have one-on-one and group sessions with your coach. 

When needed, you also meet regularly with your physician, physical therapist, and psychologist.

Between sessions, stay connected via messaging on our technology platform to continue making progress. 


Track your progress digitally

We use our technology platform to complement your provider experience.

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We record data on a range of outcomes – pain, physical function, mental health, sleep, and more –  to track your progress. Both you and your care team get insights into what’s working and what’s not to help adapt your individualized treatment plan going forward. We integrate with devices and fitness trackers like Apple Health, Google Fit, Withings, and Fitbit.

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Our clinically-developed pain education curriculum covers the science behind chronic pain so you can better understand and manage your symptoms.

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View your personalized pain plan. Schedule and view upcoming appointments. Chat directly with your care providers. All within one easy-to-use online and mobile tool.

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A La Carte Services

Interested in seeing just one of our provider types and not our comprehensive approach? Contact us about à la carte visits.

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Pain education & brain retraining approach

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Peer support via weekly group coaching sessions

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