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Override's coaching program

You may have tried every pain treatment under the sun and found that nothing works for you. The resulting hopelessness and frustration – with your doctor and perhaps with yourself – is all too common.

Our chronic pain management coaching program offers a bridge to help you overcome the challenges of chronic pain. Our coaches are specially trained in pain neuroscience and have experience helping even the most stuck individuals who have been in pain for years and years. We help you uncover your inner strengths, abilities, and values to change your experience with pain and uncover your potential to live a fuller life.  

In the Override coaching program, you will learn how functional, behavioral, and lifestyle choices affect pain.  And you will learn techniques and inner skills that gradually transform you from a passive patient, who is dependent on others, into a self-manager of your own health.

"Chronic pain is one of the most unrecognized and under-resourced medical conditions impacting our veterans. VIP is the only organization of which I am aware that is focusing on the problem.

Our company, Override, is also committed to the issue with our successful, evidence-based chronic pain management coaching protocol. Override is proud to partner with
Veterans in Pain VIP to help veterans find much-needed support and healthcare."

David Shulkin, Override Co-founder

How it works

Delivery of our evidence-based program is entirely telephonic, making it available to you from the comfort of home.

  • 30-minute individual coaching sessions with a designated coach to enable support and accountability, set and adjust goals, encourage lifestyle changes, and promote ongoing earning.

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching sessions in a group that supports, understands and encourages you as you work to integrate new tools and skills into day-to-day life.

  • Our pain neuroscience curriculum teaches you about pain & the brain, as well as approaches you can use to calm the central nervous system and reduce systems.


I had a lot of pain and just ached all over. I didn’t get out of bed.

I had given up on everything. I just wanted to die . . . . It wasn’t long after I started talking to my coach that everything changed—my life did a 180 turn.
Veteran & Coaching Program Graduate
People started not showing up for group from time to time, but it wasn’t because they had given up; it was because they were out living; they were with friends and family enjoying life . . .

I’m still in pain everyday, but I’ve got my self-value back, and I've learned that the pain doesn’t have to take away my life.
Veteran & Coaching Program Graduate
Some of the most glowing testimonials for pain relief in my practice.
Paul Gorsuch
M.D., Neurosurgeon

Patient outcomes

Reduced medication dependence
Improved sleep, function, and social outcomes
Patient satisfaction score

A few of our coaches

Override coaches are accredited health & wellness coaches who are then provided advanced training and certification in chronic pain management.

Override’s sister company, Take Courage Coaching U, has been awarded approval by the National Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaches as an approved provider of coaching education.

Brenda Craig

Paul Curtis

Jaerene Robinson

10% of your monthly program fee will go directly to VIP to help other veterans in pain.
We are currently in-network for insurance coverage with TriWest and Optum Serve.


Self-pay pricing
  • 1:1 coaching (1x month)
  • Group coaching (4x month)
  • Pain neuroscience education curriculum


Self-pay pricing
  • 1:1 coaching (4x month)
  • Group coaching (4x month)
  • Pain neuroscience education curriculum

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